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The Wellness area is located on the first floor and is accessible from 16.00 to 20.00 for € 15.00 per person including bathrobe and slippers. Access to persons under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.
The services available are sauna, Turkish bath, emotional showers, ice cascade, heated whirlpool, relaxation area with herbal teas.
By appointment it is possible to carry out massages, on Tuesday and Thursday starting at 16.00. For reservations and to use the services, contact the main reception.


Holistic Massage responds to different types of needs and combines the benefits of more techniques. From Ayurvedic manual skills to finger pressure; from work on chakras, energy centers, with or without the use of essential oils, to flower therapy, plantar reflexology and crystal therapy. From these practices some peculiarities have been taken that are combined into a single personalized treatment. Blood circulation is reactivated, tissues are worked on.
                                                                   Duration 50 " € 60.00

The Abyangam exercises its action on man as a whole of body, mind and spirit, restoring the balance between the forces that govern the psychic, energetic, physiological and structural levels, whose disharmony determines the onset of the disease and of discomfort. Ayurvedic massage is a treatment that acts on the whole body using different manual skills, stimulations, manipulations, accompanied by the use of medical oils. It slows down the degenerative processes, improves stress resistance, pacifies the mind and improves the immune system. Helps to solve problems related to insomnia, depression, fatigue, menstrual cycle, digestion, tension and contractions of the spine.
                                                                    Duration 50 " € 60.00

The Regenerating Body Massage is performed with delicate and relaxing manual treatments with oils that nourish and relax the recipient's skin. The treatment extends to the whole body, both in a prone and supine position going to focus on the back and face with dexterity related to the connective tissue with action decontracting and toning, on the legs with manual and draining and toning action e on the abdomen with relaxing action.
Duration 50 " € 60.00

Foot reflexology is a technique by which the body's energy balance is restored, which in turn promotes self-healing and personal well-being. Using a particular type of massage, which through the stimulation of specific reflex points on the feet, which are reactionary energetically with organs and apparatuses, allows to exercise a preventive and intervention action on possible imbalances of the organism
Duration 45 " € 55.00

In the tradition of a lymphatic drainage ayurvedic massage, slow and constant movements, they stimulate the lymph to reach the sites of purification, the lymph node stations able to purify the body in the best way. This treatment gives new energy and vitality to the body, eliminating energy blockages. The greatest benefits are evident in the case of water retention and cellulite, avoiding the appearance of swelling on the buttocks, abdomen or legs, linked to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.
Duration 50 " € 60.00

This type of massage acts physically and emotionally using quartz, agate or jasper crystals. It helps muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation, decreases spine tension, facilitates lymph drainage, reduces tiredness, sleep disturbances, nervousness, digestive disorders.
Duration 50 " € 60.00

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